Monday, February 15, 2010

Knitting Olympics 2010

Knitting Olympics 2010, originally uploaded by Ove and Lucia.

I am attending this years Knitting Olympics, organized by the great Yarn Harlot. My eyes lay on this project. It is a simply garter stitch kimono-style jacket from Drops design. The pattern can be downloaded for free.

Here is how much I got by day 2.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

The head issue

VK fall 2009 no. 10, originally uploaded by Ove and Lucia.

Last week I finished a new cap. Here is the photo. The pattern is #10 Cabled Cap by Suvi Simola, published on VK fall 2009.

I fairly enjoyed the knitting. It is a good TV-watching project. The cable pattern is interesting, but not over complicated.

The pattern provides only one size. I guess, supposedly, the differences in individual heads are not remarkably different enough that we should start marking heads S, M, L, XL. or XXL size. But I am really frustrated that almost all caps I knit do not fit. It happens to this one this time, and it happened to the green cap I knitted last year.

I simply do not know why. I follow the pattern, substitute yarn with right gauge and choose right size needles. But still...the finished caps do not fit. They are all ridiculously small when they are on my head, but they suit beautifully when Ove wears them.

OK. My head IS big. My mum used to joke around telling me that I do not need an umbrella when it rains, when my big head (and fluffy hairstyle) may well serve the same function. And it is frustrating to buy caps, because most of those in the market do not fit my head. Ask Ove...really, I tried every single cap at H&M last month, and they won't fit.

I mean, seriously, do I really have an XL size head? Is it because of my hair?

So we go for the most direct way for the answer. Ove and I measured our heads. Mine is 56 cm from ear back to ear. Ove's is 54 cm.

I give up. I do not know what happened. Å, C'mon, the cap is too small for me but fits Ove's head perfectly despite his head measures bigger than mine... Should I blame the pattern, the measure tape, or simply my head?