Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sometimes I can be very productive

fall2007 023, originally uploaded by Ove and Lucia.

Sometimes I can be very productive as I have been recently. This small coin bag is indeed a piece of work :=) I dyed the fabric with onion, hand-embroidered the pattern, knitted and felted the green piece that I used on the other side...I've never been clever with sewing on zippers and the lining, but I literally f-o-r-c-e-d myself on this one only to FINISH something...I think I already have enough UFOs at hand. The result is a bit clumpy but I guess 'clumpy' is my style. :=)

Adding the beads are the last minute idea, since I did not like the dark blue which reminds me too much of my parents' old trousers in the 60s. But who knows, I also got some comments saying that they actually prefer the bag better without the beading, because it would be more of a simply style.

Here are some more photos of the same bag.

Once there was a spider

fall2007, originally uploaded by Ove and Lucia.

Once there was a spider who tried very hard to learn different kinds of web weaving techniques to make the world's most beautiful spider web. Here is its first try. It loves the web so much that it decides to not to use to capture preys which will damage the web and make it dirty, so the spider starts hunting outside the web and sleeps by the corner of the window.

OK. That's how much I can think of a spider tale, so far.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My angel

angeldoll 012, originally uploaded by Ove and Lucia.

Here she is, angel No. 1. She's not yet had a name, because I have not decided her occupation. Is angel an occupation? Well, I am thinking that she also can become a chorus conductor, but she keeps telling me how much she loves painting, and flying....

She's made after a Waldorf doll pattern from the book Isoldes Englebok by Isolde Garm. I adjusted the clothes and used bead eyes to replace the original embroidered eyes. She has natural dye-ed wool curls from Simmy as hair, and I love her hair so much that I hope I can have that lovely hair style someday.I also use pose-able wire to make the body first, then I wrap her with soft wools. She has a pair of big white wing that I also embellished with some beads. I guess she wants to keep the wing as light as possible, so she'd not prefer too heavy and too much embellishment.

when u read too much

sommer2007 746, originally uploaded by Ove and Lucia.

When you read too much, you will have panda eyes. LOL

Reading, is what I've been doing most of my time. As I am doing my research, reading is basically all that I do now. If I do not come to update my blog as often as I used to be, it is because I am at the National Library bathing in the great ocean of small words and old yellow papers. Luckily, I don't have much dirty ink on fingers, as there is a lousy machine called microfilm, which gives me pains on neck and in eyes. But I guess all this fuss is nothing when it comes to how much fun I have with the content. I read two old Norwegian newspapers from 1980, VG and Klassekampen. They two have VERY distinguishably differently reporting angles. One is more like a tabloid, the other is more serious, left (quasi-serious you can say). Sometimes what the tabloid wrote makes me laugh, as when I saw this ad. I think it's pretty inspirational a picture to make a new doll, maybe a 'manmaid' :=)