Saturday, October 22, 2011

Goldfish mitten in use

goldfish mitten in use, originally uploaded by Ove and Lucia.

We had a good day today. Both H and one of his cousins have birthdays this month, so we have a small family party for these two today. It feels actually very good to have visit this time. I am relaxed, not so stressed as I used to be. I thank my son who taught me to appreciate family moments more. I think I will be a better person with him :=)

H and I went to the local supermarket while DH was left home alone baking for the party. Then I had the chance to take some pictures of the lovely goldfish mittens in use, in better light. I took some other photos of the mittens before, but the lightning was too bad that the photos do not do the justice of how sweet these mittens are.

Here you can see the photos of the mitts. The pattern is a free Ravelry pattern available for downloading by Amy Christoffers. It is also a fast knit. I finished the pair in two days on train, in total around 2.5 hours of knitting time.

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