Monday, June 12, 2006

A farmer

It is a very sunny day. The farmer gets up early and goes to his farmland. It is actually too early to begin a day yet, so he decides to enjoy the early morning sunshine while planning his day. Yesterday he sold 500 kilos corns and he was so happy. On the way home he bought a new pair of sandal, to replace the old worn out ones. He likes the color and the fashion, and he thinks they are very handy and trendy. Besides, he also bought a very cool shirt, with a logo that sounds like just designed for him. It is embroideret in red thread, saying I am a farmer. I love corns.

After a short planning, the farmer decides to start cutting some grass for his horses at home. He also bought some horses yesterday, now he needs to go out and cut grasses to feed them in addition to his ordinary everyday work on farmland. It is getting very hot at noon. The farmer discovers a comfortable spot and sits down to rest his legs. As you noticed, he puts on his working jeans, because you need something to protect your legs from those sharp grass tips and probably, snakes, as well.

However very tired, the farmer insists on going home first to feed his horses, so he is still able to have time to work on his corns after that. He puts on his big hat to block the strong sunshine, and starts walking towards home.

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HL Wang said...

A nice story, well done Lucia.